Newsletter NRP 70 and NRP 71 - July 2018
Completed joint project: Renewable fuels for electricity production
Renewable fuels from solar energy have the potential to replace fossil fuels and create CO2-free alternatives.
Completed research project: Energy efficiency in households
The completed NRP 71 project analysed whether incentive tariffs could contribute to significantly reducing energy consumption in households.
New book examines ways of ensuring social acceptance of renewable energy
The NRP 71 project “Acceptance of renewable energy” examined the determining factors behind the social acceptance of renewable energies. The results are now available in book form.
“Smart small living?” – less energy consumption in elderly people’s households
A pilot project shows how elderly people can become motivated to reduce their living space and therefore lower the energy consumption of their property.
“Science meets industry” – transfer meeting of NRP 70 and 71 with CleantechAlps
At the transfer meeting, representatives of CleantechAlps and NRP 70 and 71 held a seminar under the banner of knowledge transfer.
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   1st Swiss Landscape Congress

23.08 - 24.08.20187, Messe Luzern

   Behave 2018

05.09 - 07.09.2018, Zürich, "Toni-Areal"

   15th Symposium on Wood Energy

14.09.2018, ETH Zürich


21.11.2018, Welle 7, Bern

   Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure (SCCER_FURIES): 2018 Annual Conference

22.10.2018, Swiss Tech Convention Center, Lausanne

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   Akzeptanz erneuerbarer Energie (nur deutsch)

Das Buch untersucht die Chancen und Herausforderungen, die sich beim Ausbau der erneuerbaren Energien im Rahmen der Energiestrategie 2050 ergeben. Die Bestimmungsfaktoren der sozialen Akzeptanz erneuerbarer Energien – von der Gestaltung von Fördermassnahmen bis zum Bau von Anlagen – werden beleuchtet.

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