"Futures Wheel" – Visual presentation of the effects of energy policy measures from the practical test

Working with the methods of "Futures Wheel" in the workshop "What would be different if...?", as part of the annual conference o

The NRP-71 project "Exploring ways towards societal consensus" examined the question "What would be different if...?" at the annual SwissEnergy conference in the Futures Wheel workshop.

The workshop provided an opportunity to get to know the method of "Futures Wheel", which is used in the project to record the effects of future developments and energy policy measures in a structured way. Participants chose one of three scenarios (Industry 4.0, Mobility 4.0 and Smart-Home 4.0) and on the basis of this method, discussed what the impacts would be for Switzerland if the respective scenario were to become reality.

Finally the opportunities and risks posed by the scenarios, and the experience gained from the use of "Futures Wheels", were discussed and ideas shared. In this way the NRP-71 project also provided valuable pointers for the work in future. The project team will hold another workshop in Basel, aimed at participants who would like to gain a more advanced knowledge of "Futures Wheel" methods and apply them in their respective fields of work.

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