“Local interventions and campaigns for the promotion of energy-sufficient behaviour” – a brochure for energy officers in cities and municipalities

The image shows an aerial view of a Swiss village.

The NRP 71 project "Promoting energy-sufficient behaviour in cities" has published a brochure for energy offers in cities and municipalities.

​Within the framework of the NRP 71 project "Promoting energy-sufficient behaviour in cities", researchers from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) are working together under the leadership of Bettina Furrer and in cooperation with the cities of Winterthur, Baden and Zug to investigate how cities can motivate their residents to reduce their energy consumption by altering their behaviour. The objective of the project is to structure and implement corresponding interventions together with the cities.

Using the findings from the initial project phase, the project team has put together a brochure that is aimed at energy officers in cities and municipalities. The brochure provides an overview of the project's results on the basis of four questions:

  1. Where to apply? In which areas do energy-saving campaigns promise the best results?
  2. How to apply? What type of campaign is suitable for which objectives and what should be taken account of in the communication?
  3. Who can we learn from? Where can information be gained on campaigns and approaches that have already been tried and tested?
  4. Who to work with? Which organisations are available as partners for measures in the energy sector?

The brochure is available to download in German.

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