Module 1: Households

Private households account for a large part of the overall energy consumption. Against this backdrop, NRP 71 places an emphasis on the analysis of individual and collective behaviour in households with regard to energy consumption. Research targets include determining which factors influence the energy needs of households (lighting, heating, refrigeration and mobility) in the short, medium and long term, and which of these factors can be utilised for energy management purposes.

 Completed projects



Behavioural mechanisms of household electricity consumptionBehavioural mechanisms of household electricity consumption Lorenz Goette
Energy efficiency in householdsEnergy efficiency in households Martin K. Patel
Energy reduction potentials of elderly people’s householdsEnergy reduction potentials of elderly people’s households Heinz Rütter
Soft incentives and energy consumptionSoft incentives and energy consumption Ulf Liebe
Sustainable lifestyles and energy consumptionSustainable lifestyles and energy consumption Dr. Timo Ohnmacht
Understanding household energy consumptionUnderstanding household energy consumption Suren Erkman

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