Organisation and actors

The success of NRP 71 depends on a number of actors from research and the administration.

​The Steering Committee is responsible for running the programme and for the entire process - from selecting projects to scientific quality assurance to the elaboration of the products at the end of the programme.

The programme manager and the president of the Steering Committee are responsible for the operational management. The team for knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) is responsible for the communication of the research results to target audiences. The representative of the federal office of energy (SFOE) works with the Steering Committee and communicates results to the administration.

The National Research Council of the SNSF is ultimately responsible for the NRP. The delegate of the Research Council acts as a link between the Research Council and the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee of NRP 71

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Balthasar, Department of Political Science, University of Lucerne (President)
  • Dr. Konrad Götz, Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE), Frankfurt/Main
  • Prof. em. Dr. Beat Hotz-Hart, University of Zurich
  • Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs, Hochschule für Politik München (HfP), Technische Universität München
  • Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries, Prof. of Sustainability Science, Bochum University of Applied Sciences and adj. Prof. of Environmental Psychology, Universität des Saarlandes
  • Prof. Dr. Frédéric Varone, Département de science politique et relations internationales, Université de Genève (from 1 January 2017)
  • Prof. Dr. Hannelore Weck-Hannemann, Prof. of Political Economy, Institut für Finanzwissenschaft, Universität Innsbruck

Delegates of the National Research Council

  • Prof. Dr. Claudia R. Binder, Laboratory for Human-Environmental Relations in Urban Systems (HERUS), EPF Lausanne (from 1 January 2017)
  • Prof. Dr. Frédéric Varone, Département de science politique et relations internationales, Université de Genève (until 31 December 2016)

Representative of the Confederation

  • Dr. Matthias Gysler, Deputy Head of Energy Economy Division, Head of Market Regulation, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Bern

Programme Manager

  • Dr. Stefan Husi, Swiss National Science Foundation, Bern

Team for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT-Team)

  • Dr. Andrea Leu (team leader), Senarclens, Leu + Partner AG, Zurich
  • Theres Paulsen, Network for transdisciplinary research td-net, Swiss academies for arts and sciences, Bern (until 31 December 2016)
  • Daniel Schaller, Planair AG, La Sagne (TCT Antenne Romande / from 1 January 2018)
  • Dr. Oliver Wimmer, cR Kommunikation AG, Zurich

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Dr Stefan Husi Programme Manager
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