AEE Suisse Conference 2018

The AEE SUISSE Conference 2018 takes place on 20 March 2018 in the Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach and is dedicated to the topic of “Trust in the energy future”.

Start20.03.2018 08:15
End20.03.2018 17:00
VenueUmwelt Arena Spreitenbach
Registration deadline20.03.2018

​The AEE SUISSE Conference 2018 examines the question of trust in the energy future and calls on the participants to actively promote this by seizing opportunities, exhausting possibilities and taking further initiatives. Connected with this is also the question of how policy makers help shape the further process and also the extent to which they will ensure reliable and advantageous framework conditions in the future. In addition to many well-known speakers, Prof. Isabelle Stadelmann is giving answers to the question of whether arguments and campaigns can generate trust for the new energy policy.